Containers In Anger with Micronaut


Java 11 is just around the corner and it comes with a lot of very needed features to run JVM applications in Docker. The goal of this workshop is to move beyond slide-sized examples of Dockerfiles and to show how to deploy a working Micronaut application using Docker with the proper tuning and limits.

In this session, Anton will build a Docker image with a Java application based in the Micronaut framework. This application will have a very small size following the Docker best practices and take advantage of the GraalVM

The Docker image will be deployed in Kubernetes and scaled to demonstrate how powerful is nowadays the JVM in conjunction with Docker and Kubernetes. Then we will expose application and JVM metrics and they will be consumed by Prometheus, a system that records time-series data (telemetry) for monitoring and alerting, and we’ll use Graphana to query and render metrics from the application pods.

Along the way, we’ll discover the most common mistakes working with Docker and the JVM and how to avoid them.


Anton María Rodrigo Yuste

Anton María Rodrigo Yuste