How To Build a Test Lib for a Microservice Based Web Application with Geb & Spock


At REWE digital we are building & maintaining a Microservice based e-commerce web application. Our service teams work quite autonomous & are responsible for their own services' quality. They decide which measures are appropriate & efficient in order ensure no bugs in production. Many have a reasonable code coverage via unit tests, a good lot of service tests –including UI tests– & a sufficient monitoring & alerting system.

However, several teams felt the need for a more integrated testing of the whole system to prevent CSS clashes, errors due to interface changes or eventual inconsistency disasters & many many unforeseen issues.

To support these teams, we decided turn our old retired comprehensive test suite into a test library to enable teams to write their own system tests without the need to implement every stupid step in every team.

In this talk I'd like to present our lessons learned & developed design patterns from implementing such a test library with Geb & Spock.


Michael Kutz

Michael Kutz