It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's SDKMAN!


SDKMAN is the Software Development Kit Manager. It is also the Groovy enVironment Manager of old. Since it was created in 2012, it has undergone many changes to the point that it is a far more diverse tool than at the time of it's inception. However, it's primary purpose remains the same: to make the life of developers less painful!

The Groovy enVironment Manager might have outgrown it's name, but it is still as relevant as ever. Today SDKMAN is not only responsible for serving binaries to many JVM communities, it also serves JDK binaries of many different flavours.

This talk will look at where we came from, the current state of the project as well as the what the future holds for SDKMAN. We will take a dive into the current architecture, the technologies which make up our backend and how we provision our instances with Terraform and Ansible. We will also look into the exciting Go re-write that is currently underway, which will take us away from the current bash CLI.

If you really don't know what SDKMAN is, or if you would like to have a peak under the hood at what it does or how it does it, this talk is a must for you!


Marco Vermeulen

Marco Vermeulen